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Welcome to the pages of the largest and only official Atari XL/XE music archive. You have surely missed those great square-wave sounds and noises, that often belonged to your childhood :-) The archive contains over 6000 songs including both old-time and new-wave tunes from the early 80's till the latest contributions. The tunes are in original binary form and played in your browser using the ASAP Javascript player. Just type the name of the song or author in the search field below.

What is ASMA? The Atari SAP Music Archive is a free project which has the aim to collect most of the ATARI XL/XE music in one huge collection. The tunes in ASMA are stored in SAP format that can be replayed by a SAP player currently available for many platforms (see the Players section).
What is This site is an online database of the Atari SAP Music Archive, which allows you to search, view, play and download songs.
How can I play the songs? You can play them online in your browser. There are also native players for your operating system.
Where can I download the songs? You can download them individually from the browser player on the or as a complete ZIP file. It currently contains version 2022-09-08.

Files in the archive per year

How can I contribute to ASMA? If you have composed music or know how to rip tunes from Atari XL/XE binaries, or can convert songs to SAP files, the ASMA team really wants you! The conversion to SAP format is incredibly easy. Please read contribution and mail us. See the SAP file format description for technical details.

ASAP - Another Slight Atari Player A the best choice. The lasted, most accurate, platform independent emulation core for POKEY playback. Supports all SAP format features and runs on all major operating systems. The project includes plug-ins for many players and systems, including Winamp, foobar2000, Android, etc.). Source code is available on Sourceforge.
Audacious (Linux,Windows) Multi-format player with SAP support for Linuxand Windows.
Audio Overload (macOS) Multi-format player with SAP support for macOS on Apple Silicon (M1) and Intel. Older versions are also available for Windows 32/64bit, and Linux 32/64bit.
Jam (Atari ST, Windows) SAP player for Atari STE/TT/Falcon and Windows.Also supports many other formats.
Modizer (iOS) SAP player for iOS.Also supports many other formats.
sapemu (Atari 8-bit) sapemu is a native Atari 8-nit player for SAP (Slight Atari Player) music files. It was first written in 2003 to make people able to listen those files on the platform they originally come from. It requires an Atari XL/XE computer with at least 64kB of extended memory. It cannot play about 5-10% of the tunes in the archive.
Obsolete Players and Tools If you are running BeOS, DOS, Windows XP or another obsure host operating system, you might even find something useful here.

Atari Sounds for the Massess A Mac OS X tool to convert Atari music modules between different formats.
SAPMaker 5 (Windows 64-bit)
SAPMaker 5 (Windows 32-bit)
SAPMaker 5 (Linux)
This great tool can create SAP files out of tunes composed in Chaos Music Composer (CMC, CMR), Music ProTracker (MPT, MD1, MD2), Theta Music Creator (TMC, TM8), and Advanced Music System (AMS) (experimental support only). (2005-04-29)
SAPMaker (Amiga) A SAPMaker for Amiga computers. Check the docs inside for more info. (2002-10-09)
SAP 'em All! v1.0 This program converts CMC, MPT, MD1, TMC, TM8, and (unlike SAPMaker) Benjy Soundmonitor songs into SAP files. Compared to SAPMaker, this one has a simple graphical interface. (2001-07-10)

AtariAge The thread for news and questions about ASMA.
AtariArea An Atari information server with fresh news from the scene in Polish language.
AYGOR The AY Great Original Resource, a ZX Spectrum music collection.
Exotica's ASMA Search Engine An advanced search engine on Exotica site. Its special feature is on-the-fly generating of OGG files from SAPs.
High Voltage SID Collection A Commodore 64 music collection which was ASMA's source of inspiration.
Kohina The best radio dedicated to oldschool computer music. Thanks to cooperation with our site you can also listen to many selected Atari 800XL/XE tracks.
RGB Browser Game An HTML port of the colorful Atari 8-bit game by MaPa, PG, Ooz, 2nd place of the ABBUC software contest 2014.

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