As you may see, this site has not been updated for quite some time. The reason is that ASMA archive now uses an online repository, where it is constantly updated. You can check the archive at http://asma.scene.pl. This does not necesarilly mean that there will be no more offline releases, but not for now.

ASMA 3.8, "Tribute to Ramos", is now out! Enjoy 273 new songs (5281 in total), lots of added information and bugfixes!

With a great sorrow we would like to announce that today our friend and significant contributor of ASMA, Mariusz "Ramos" Rozwadowski, has passed away. He will be greatly missed...

Happy New Year! New ASMA is here, with 5016 songs (400 of which are new) and many fixes in credits and binaries. There are also some updated players, such as ASAP, and also a new tool ASFM (see TOOLS section).

Merry Christmas! ASMA 3.6 is out with 315 new tunes (4630 in total!). Because of slight technical problems, ASMADB will be updated later, together with various SAP player updates. Stay tuned!

We did not manage to finish it in time for the Christmas, but it's finally here: ASMA 3.5 contains 4317 tunes, 460 of which are new! Moreover, ASAP has been updated to the latest version and SAPMaker has been recompiled to run under the latest Windows.

SAPEmu, the native Atari player for SAP files, has been updated to v0.2, now including a file selector.

As an early Christmas present we are bringing you a new ASMA update 3.4 with an astounding number of 1024 new songs! ASMA now includes 3862 songs in total! ASAP, mmSAP Audacious, Audio Overload players have been updated to their latest versions.

ASMAdb now allows replaying SAP tunes in your browser by means of ASAP Flash player! Listen to your favourite tunes online.

Oh no, has it really been over 21 months since the last release? We're finally back with a new update, with 308 new tunes. The structure of the archive has been changed for simplicity and well-arrangement. PLAYERS section has been updated with ASAP 1.2.1 and mmSAP2 2.0.5.

Player news: ASAP updated to version 1.2.0, mmSAP updated to version mmSAP2 2.0.1, with many improvements since the previous version.

Eleven months after the last update, the new ASMA 3.2, another record-breaking release is here. 360 new tunes (this almost doubles the last year's record and is more than the 1.0 release had!), many fixes and improvements. The major one is the addition of TIME tags into all songs. PLAYERS section has been also updated (ASAP 1.0.1, SAP 2.0, mmSAP 1.6b, Audacious 1.3.2). Mirror list now includes a Czech localized site.

ASMA 3.1, the biggest update ever, has come! 188 new tunes, many fixes and changes. And not only that. We are proud to present you ASMADB, the search engine to browse through the collection on-line (additional information in FAQ)!!! Last but not least there are new players available - ASAP, mmSAP and sapemu.

Another year, another release, another milestone. In the year 2006 ASMA 3.0 brings you 2006 songs, 128 of which are new! Moreover there is incredible number of fixes. Btw. as you can probably see, site was optimized for Firefox rather than IE :-)

Added new and heavily improved version of SAPMaker 5, including the Linux version. Also updated SAP xmms plug-in to the latest, bugfixed version 0.31.

Go and download ASMA 2.9 - 69 new songs and many fixed credits, better rips and removed duplicates. 1900 tunes! Special thanks to Raster and Miker.

Since now, ASMA is hosted on the Atari.Org server because I lost my control over the previous location. You can always reach the site through asma.atari.org. Thanks to the Atari.Org crew!

I fixed a minor issue in the archive directory tree and docs. Not even worth re-downloading :-) If you're searching for another archive mirror, try asma.cechy.org. Only mirrors the most important files.

ASMA 2.8 is born! With 70 new songs and many fixes, the whole collection now contains 1840 tunes. Moreover it has exceeded the 10 MB mark :-). Oh, btw. a new version of Deliplayer was also uploaded to the PLAYERS section.

SAP XMMS plug-in was updated to version 0.3f with some bugfixes. Get it in the PLAYERS section.

ASMA 2.7 - 124 new songs, no more words! Btw. some player updates can be found in the PLAYERS section.

New softwarein the PLAYERS section - SapMP 1.71 for Windows, SAPphire for AmigaOS, and SAPPLAY for Sega Dreamcast and Gamepark32 consoles.

A new version ofAmiga Sapmaker has appeared. Download in the TOOLS section.

Two new players landed in my mailbox so I'm putting them to the downloads. SAP, another Amiga player (Amiga developers should be more original when thinking of names for their players, currently there are two different 'SAPs' ;-) and SAPplug, a plug-in for a well-known Linux player called XMMS.

I tried hard to finish the update before Christmas, but because of lack of time, I failed. I hope anyway, that you'll forgive me - the new ASMA 2.6 contains 93 new songs and you can get it in the SONGS section.

A new version of SAPER, a Linux GUI player has been released (v0.3). It fixes some bugs, adds few cosmetic improvements, and updates the STILView library to v2.17. Get it in the PLAYERS section.

For those who didn't lose patience, there's a new ASMA update with over 70 new songs as well as a small bonus - since this update you will find a playlist with new tunes in the package :-) Get it all in the SONGS section.

What you see is a new ASMA homepage outfit, easier to manage and (hopefully) nicer and well arranged :-) Also since now, the Czech mirror is translated into Czech language. Waiting for your feedback!

After a while, there's a new update to the site: New players for Amiga and MS-DOS and an Amiga SAPMaker have been added to the PLAYERS and TOOLS sections. Furthermore, a new archive update is in the works :-)

ASMA v2.4 is out! Over 90 new songs waiting for you in the SONGS section :-)

Audio Overload v1.5.1 for Mac has been released. I'm working on a next update, but I don't have enough new songs. Send me any, if you can ;-)

Player news again: Audio Overload v1.5, a Mac player comes with the latest SAP library (v1.54). I made a self-installing package out of the Winamp SAP plug-in. The version of the plug-in is 2.2 - same as the zipped version. See the PLAYERS section.

A new release of SAPMaker can be found in the TOOLS section. The main improvement is (experimental) support of the AMS format.

SAPER, a Linux SAP player has been updated to v0.28. Get it in the PLAYERS section.

Welcome to the pages of the biggest and only official Atari XL/XE music archive. Many of you have surely missed those great square-wave sounds and noises, that often belonged to your childhood :-) The archive you will find here contains nearly 5300 songs (this number rises - see the diagram below) including both old-time and new-wave tunes from the early 80's till the latest contributions. As the tunes are in original binary form (no MP3 recordings), you will need a special player. Check the PLAYERS section and choose the one that fits your needs. We should not forget to mention where did we find our inspiration when we created the archive - it was nothing less than the famous High Voltage SID Collection - the ultimate C64 music archive. Now you can download the archive and dive into the unforgettable sounds of the 8-bit Atari.

The progress of the growth of the archive

  Music archive downloads
Atari SAP Music Archive - 7zip version Latest release of the ASMA collection. Contains 5281 tunes. (29-09-15)
Atari SAP Music Archive - zipped version Zipped version of the archive, useful for players that support unzipping on the fly. (29-09-15)
  Player downloads & links
ASAP A great, platform independent emulation core for POKEY playback. Supports all SAP format features. The library includes plug-ins for many players and systems, including WinAmp, foobar2000, Android, etc. (30-12-13)
SAP Winamp plug-in v2.2 A WinAmp plug-in, based on obsolete libSAP 1.54 emulation core. Has some nice features like STIL and TIME support. Self-installing package. You will need a Windows player Winamp for this plug-in to work. (25-03-02)

SAP player v2.0

SAP player for Windows, based on the new libSAP 2.0 emulation core. With many improvements since the last version. Includes a standalone player and a Winamp plug-in. No TIME tag support. This player comes from the creator of the emulation engine and the original release was the first player available. (23-08-07)
SapMP 1.71 Another SAP-only Windows player. This one is not yet mature, but quite usable, though based on the obsolete libSAP 1.54 emulation core. (10-04-03)
mmSAP2 2.1.1
A nice Linux player, utilizing ASAP 1.2.0 core. Also supports TIME tags and STIL. Project homepage can be found here. (22-12-10)
Audacious v2.4.2
Audacious plug-ins v2.4.2
Audacious is another multi-format Linux player with SAP support. (22-12-10)
SAPER v0.3 Win32
A Windows port of the Linux player SAPER with STILView support (STILView shows additional information about songs, like compo contributions, composers' comments, covers, etc.). (12-11-03)
SAPER v0.3
SAPER v0.3 - sources
SAPER - a nice Linux graphical environment player with STILView support (STILView shows additional information about songs, like compo contributions, composers' comments, covers, etc.). (18-11-02)
SAPplug v0.31 SAP plug-in for Linux XMMS player. It is an alpha release, but should work fine. Read the docs. (29-04-05)
PenguinSAP v0.1 SAP player for Linux console. Made by my friend Jaymz Julian. (08-06-01)
SimpleSAP SAP player for BeOS. Also supports many different formats. (02-09-01)
DOS SAP v0.72
Polish version
SAP player for MS-DOS. A SoundBlaster compatible soundcard is required. (12-11-03)
SAPEmu 0.2
SAPEmu is a SAP player for your beloved Atari XL/XE machines. It requires a memory expansion and cannot play about 5-10% of the tunes in the archive. (18-01-11)
Jam v1.0 SAP player for Atari STE/TT/Falcon. Also supports many different formats. (29-06-00)
SAPphire Graphical User Interface for SAP (Amiga). (10-04-03)
SAP (Amiga) SAP player for Amiga. It doesn't use the standard SAP library for emulation. At least a 68020 CPU is required according to the docs. (10-09-02)
SAP (Amiga) Another SAP player for Amiga, this time built on SAP library v1.51. Includes 68k and PPC versions. (27-01-03)
Audio Overload SAP player for MacOs, Windows 32/64bit and Linux 32/64bit. Also supports many different formats. Get the proper build on the author's homepage. (22-12-10)
SAPPlay 0.01b (Dreamcast)
SAPPlay 0.01b - sources
SAP player for Sega Dreamcast gaming console. (10-04-03)
SAPPlay 0.01b (Gamepark32)
SAPPlay 0.01b - sources
SAP player for Gamepark32 gaming console. Compiled from the same sources as the Dreamcast version. (10-04-03)
Deliplayer v2.03b SAP player for Windows. Also supports tons of different formats, skinning, and other features. (15-07-04)
  Tools downloads & links
Atari Sounds for the Massess A Mac OS X tool to convert Atari music modules between different formats.(30-12-13)
Netscape SAP plug-in A plug-in for Windows version of Netscape Navigator 4.x. Use this one to add Atari sound to your webpages. Doesn't work with other browsers. Also can't play digi and stereo tunes due to usage of old SAP library. (20-06-01)
SAPMaker 5 for Windows 64bit releases
SAPMaker 5
SAPMaker 5 linux
This great tool can create SAP files out of tunes composed in Chaos Music Composer (CMC, CMR), Music ProTracker (MPT, MD1, MD2), Theta Music Creator (TMC, TM8), and Advanced Music System (AMS) (experimental support only). (29-04-05)
SAP 'em All! v1.0 This program converts CMC, MPT, MD1, TMC, TM8, and (unlike SAPMaker) Benjy Soundmonitor songs into SAP files. Compared to SAPMaker, this one has a simple graphical interface. (10-07-01)
SAPMaker (Amiga) A SAPMaker for Amiga computers. Check the docs inside for more info. (09-10-02)
  Frequently asked questions
What is ASMA? The Atari SAP Music Archive is a free project which has the aim to collect most of the ATARI XL/XE music in one huge collection. The tunes in ASMA are stored in SAP format that can be replayed by a SAP player currently available for many platforms (see the PLAYERS section).
What is ASMADB? The ASMADB is an on-line database of the Atari SAP Music Archive, which allows you to search, download (and/or play, if you have the necessary player), view details and save playlists with search results (place them in your local ASMA directory to play them).
Can I become ASMA contributor? Sure you can! If you know how to rip tunes from Atari XL/XE binaries, or can convert songs to SAP files using SAPMaker utility that can be found in the TOOLS section, we really want you! The conversion to SAP format is incredibly easy, you'll find the SAP format description inside the collection (Docs/Sap.txt). Mail us for more info or sending contributions. Read Docs/Asma.txt inside the archive for further information.

Kohina The best radio dedicated to oldskool computer music. Thanks to cooperation with our site you can also listen to many selected Atari 800XL/XE tracks.
High Voltage SID Collection A Commodore 64 music collection which was ASMA's source of inspiration.
AYGOR The AY Great Original Resource, a ZX Spectrum music collection.
Exotica's ASMA Search Engine An advanced search engine on Exotica site. Its special feature is on-the-fly generating of OGG files from SAPs.
AtariArea An Atari information server with fresh news from the scene. Unfortunately only in Polish language.
Grayscale - Atari music band Grayscale is a well known Polish music group, members of which are Greg, X-Ray and BeWu. Their stuff is great so pay them a visit!

asma.atari.org The main site (English language)
http://asma.atariportal.cz A Czech mirror (Czech language)
atariarea.krap.pl/asma A Polish mirror (Polish language)

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